And so it begins

Posted in Kauai, HI

Six months ago a phone call between Aamion and Jess sparked this project. In that time we have assembled a crew, planned a world-wide year-long itinerary, built a tree house, welcomed a new life and in so many ways, prepared for this journey: mentally, physically and of course logistically. 

This blog will be a first hand accounting of both The Goodwin's and the crew's experiences in front of, behind and away from the lens. So to kick it off, please make yourself acquainted with Daize and Aamion Goodwin and The Crew - also peppered in there are photos of our time shooting on Kauai and Oahu, Hawaii.

AamionAamion Surfing Pipeline at The Volcom Pipe Pro


To everyone's delight he finishes 4th place, qualifying him for the Pipe Masters this December.

Aamion Goodwin:

To be a human in this day and age is out of this world. I mean what are we all living for?  Each day is just another brick in the road. When we look past today, how do we plan to finish our road tomorrow?

 I think about that often, just to remind myself to be in the MOMENT.... which at times can be challenging. With that said, my name is Aamion Goodwin. I am the father to two amazing children and husband to a beautiful wife. My goal is to learn from them and also from this crazy journey we're about to embark on.  Luckily we'll be traveling with some of the most amazing humans I've had the pleasure to know. I'm going to try to take nothing for granted and also try to be open minded to the challenges that lie ahead. 

Daize paddling out to Waikiki.....at 9months pregnant, shot by legendary waterman Mike Prickett. On the right Jess (director) and Aamion paddling/shooting alongside Daize - graceful as ever, big belly and all

Daize Goodwin

Hi there, I'm Daize Goodwin, formerly Daize Shayne... but much more content as Goodwin.  Life has already been an amazing journey, however I'm finding with the more years I tack on, the reality is that your journey can be more than "amazing".  And although this next chapter is the biggest of the big dreams...  the thing I had jotted down in my 6th grade diary...I have to admit traveling the world with our two babies makes me a bit uneasy. Even though the crew we’re rolling with is beyond perfect, hand picked by fate, my heart flutters at the thought of the unknown. Kauai has been our haven and my heaven. Moving to one of the cleanest and safest places in the world to raise these tikes is why I told myself it would be years before we left..... sickness, dangerous bugs, delayed flights, screaming, unhappy Given (that's my least favorite!!)  But then I think, what if heaven is also out there?  What if only a few 6-hour plane rides can show our babes that life is about other things than an island paradise? That your everyday family can consist of 10 and not just 4. That there are warm waters and rainbows on the other side too and that there are kids their age with nothing and are happier than Given on Christmas morning.  The days are dwindling down and the sunsets are getting more beautiful as I know that the same sun is rising at our future destination and pulling this family into an incredible thing called the unknown... let the journey begin.

One of many creatures that inhabits the North shore of Kauai

Jess, Director

Editing is the most powerful tool in the world.... ; ) It gives us the ability to show things from different perspectives. As this project progresses I realize that we could craft this film a thousand ways...in fact, we already have enough footage to cut together a typical documentary about the Goodwin's past and present. That isn't what we plan to do. Instead it will be about the Goodwins's present, the people we meet, and the stories we encounter.

Jess Bianchi

Jess on location, Pipeline.

Devin, Director of Photography:

Armed with the latest equipment,  we charge into the unknown to tell a story not yet written.  It is my job to take that equipment and capture, in the most beautiful way that I know how, the story yet to unfold.  My name is Devin Whetstone. I am the cinematographer.


Meet True!

Father daughter infatuation 

Mimi, Media Manager:

And so it begins... anecdotes and reflections from a fantastic year of travel and filmmaking. Pinch me please. Hi, I'm the team's Script Supervisor, Media Manager, and default Yoga teacher. Script Supervisor you say? I know, it's a documentary, but someone has to keep track of all the footage shot over the course of an entire year! That person would be me and "Paddy," my handy iPad contraption. The rest of our team is a serious group of 'visioneers' and I'm so proud to be amongst such fine artists and technicians. As a general feeling though, I'm awed by the reality of adventure we're about to embark on and ready for all the potential that is in store.

hawaiian-crewThe Goodwin's Ohana gather to say Aloha!

Cody, Sound

Four months ago, sitting in Aamion's yard on Kauai, I overheard him talking of an epic journey around the world with his family and a crew documenting the journey.  "What's this?" I asked.  "I want in....please!! What can I do!".

Four months later, I am sitting here wondering how to sell my car, rent my place, get rid of all my stuff, consolidate my bills, basically put my normal sedentary life into a temporary hibernation....all by next week. 

Luckily, I was able to find my niche on the crew...sound guy.  So from here on out, every sound that you hear, from the cities we visit, the cultures we experience, the waves we find to Given's funny little one-liners of wisdom, will be captured by me. 

Our itinerary is set but what lies ahead we can only wait and see.  I am excited for travel, for new cultures, for new experiences, for new friends, for new waves, for new adventure, for new pins on the map.  I am excited to leave an office, to leave a 9 to 5, for a new creative venture, to be on the road, to escape these soul sucking florescent lights and to be a gypsy for a while.

Bon voyage!


Saying a few words at the farewell Luau 

Heron, Producer

My life has been straight flipped upside down. The last couple years were spent in a job that I liked, with people I really liked - but I always knew I wanted, needed to do something more. The stories my parents told of their early adulthood would throw me into little fits of jealousy thinking, 'how did they have such adventures and I'm here stuck in an office? What cool stories will have I for my children?' Well, what a whirlwind the last 6 months have been. I'm certainly getting what I asked for. Planning the trip of a lifetime - that also happens to be the job of a lifetime - pretty much a 180. 

As the days to our departure melt away, I'm mentally and physically preparing for what a hard, grueling, but oh so rewarding production this is going to be. Not only is the crew and the family equal parts amazing, what really warms my cockles is knowing that by the end of this year it'll be hard to tell where the relationship of coworkers ends and family begins. 

Oh, and hello there! I'm Heron. Beyond my official role of keep-the-ship-on-course-producer, you'll find me nerding out on local cuisine, trying to surf and soaking up as much Given and True time as possible. 

And away we go…….

Left: The skeleton of Jay Nelson's treehouse manifestation. Center: The man himself. Right: Given oversees construction. 

Dalia, Executive Producer

I will be the project’s anchor, producing from San Francisco’s west coast shores, where the internet is always on, cell phones work (well… most of the time) and the ocean is always cold.

I am pretty certain I increase the median stress level of our entire team by 40%. I am the person who is always thinking of the how, when, where, what and how much. Now multiply that by 218 bits of gear, 21 checked items, 18 countries, 13 months, 7 adults, 2 young children and possibly close to 200TB of media. But I live for these moments, for these are the moments that make me feel the most alive. It also helps when you genuinely love the project you are producing.

The team we have assembled is incredible and the pre-pro journey thus far has been nothing short of amazing. I can’t wait to see the next chapter – the start of the physical journey.